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My Favourite Breadmaker Recipe!

I love the smell of homemade bread! When I got quite a bit of birthday money a few years back, I finally decided to buy a breadmaker, and I haven’t regretted it yet 🙂 I do have to be  careful not to cave to the temptation to eat half the loaf when it comes out of the breadmaker, but generally I manage that! I only just managed to get this photo taken this morning before my dear husband came and pinched a bit of bread off the side…

Homemade bread is also a great way to bless people, as most people love it, and it’s a fun thing to serve when you have company, with some butter and cheese. Here is my favourite recipe for the bread I make most days, that my family loves.

Yeast 1.5tsp

Strong White Bread Flour 350g  (2 and 3/4 cups)

Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour 125g  (1 cup)

Sugar 1.5tsp

Butter 25g  (2 tbsp)

Salt 1.5tsp

Water 320ml  (1 and 1/3 cup)

Chewable Vitamin C tablet crushed (this helps it to rise)

I use the grams and ml since I’m in the UK. The measurements in brackets are as near as I could convert to, so hopefully it still works if you use cups! I put the ingredients in the breadmaker in the order shown, as exactly as I can. If you use a measuring scale, the water can be measured as grams which is quite handy – 320ml is the same as 320 grams. I put this in the breadmaker with the Rapid bake (2hrs) program, for a white loaf, large size and light crust. The bread stays moist for a couple of days and tastes great.

In case anyone is looking at buying a breadmaker, it might help you to know that I have a Panasonic SD254 and I love it, apart from I think the one with the raisin dispenser gives you a few more options. It does seem to be a good idea to research models before buying, as I have heard a lot of bad stories about breadmakers not working very well.